Indefinite Hiatus on JoJo Reviews

Indefinite Hiatus on JoJo Reviews

As you may have noticed, I’ve been slacking on writing reviews for Diamond is Unbreakable. I’ve been hesitant to do them lately due to personal issues and lack of real motivation. I’m still watching the series, and I still love JoJo to pieces, but I feel that it’s for the best to just take a break from writing about the episodes for a while.

Does that mean I won’t write them again? No, not necessarily. I probably won’t think about getting back to it until this part is done airing, since it’s going to be the holidays soon and all, and everyone’s becoming busier.

Now, when Sailor Moon Crystal returns I may be back up to writing reviews, but since no date has been announced for that I can’t guarantee anything.

Please stay tuned for upcoming posts about my craft projects and anime figure talk! I love writing about those topics. 🙂

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