Figure Review: Kazuma Kuwabara ARTFX J

Figure Review: Kazuma Kuwabara ARTFX J

I was actually introduced to Yu Yu Hakusho a few years ago, unaware of the series’ initial run on Toonami back in the 2000s. After watching about 1/3 of the series, I realized I was pretty hooked and by the time the series was over, I searched online for merchandise featuring the main cast. As it was 2015/2016 at the time, I was both interested and disappointed to discover that Kotobukiya had released scale figures of the four main characters and Youko Kurama in 2012. The interest was due to how nice they looked, but the disappointment was due to how rare they’d become.

My boyfriend surprised me with Kurama for Valentine’s day, and I knew then that I really wanted all of them.

Yusuke was still available, for about $10-20 more than the original price. Considering the time frame between original release and my interest in the figures, that was a great deal!

Hiei proved a bit more difficult to find, but eventually someone on MyFigureCollection sold one to me for around $80. Still not bad, since he retailed for about $50 originally.

Youko Kurama, however, was very pricey. Sellers were charging anywhere from $150-250+ for him, and I couldn’t justify that. When I was sure I’d never find a decently priced one, though, one on eBay popped up for $50. I didn’t know for sure if it was legitimate or a bootleg, but I really wanted him, so I took the gamble. (I’d advise never doing this unless you REALLY want a figure, and even then be prepared for disappointment.)

Surprisingly enough, he was a genuine Kotobukiya figure!

I was super, super happy to find him for a price even better than retail, but I knew the last of the group, Kuwabara, wouldn’t happen. Why?

He was selling for $350+ at the time, and that’s even on the low end.

Auctions on eBay were rare, and when they occurred, they ended at a similar price to the low end. He definitely, definitely was not worth that to me, so I passed, thinking it would never happen.

About two years ago I messaged Kotobukiya’s page and asked if they had any plans of a reprint for the line since the series was about to hit its 25th anniversary. Unfortunately, I was told no.

But then….

A surprise announcement was made! All five figures were getting a reprint, and for their original prices! Unbelievable! Kuwabara was preordered instantly, and he arrived yesterday.

(Please note that the images look much better if you click on them!)

Kuwabara ARTFX J

The box looks just like the original print’s, and matches the other four figures in the group. The sides have Kuwabara in the anime style and in the figure’s style, with a bright, fiery background.

The picture above is what you get in the box, minus his sword. (I forgot to include it there, whoops!)

The stand is a yellow-orange hue, depicting the Spirit Sword. Each of the figure’s bases depicts a power or a symbol significant to the character.

Unfortunately, Kotobukiya kept the exact same stand design as the first run, meaning there’s only one peg. Kuwabara only has one foot with a hole in it, to go around the peg. The reason why I find this unfortunate is that the figure is kind of heavy and can easily fall off of the stand and break the peg into the foot.

The exact same thing happened to me with Youko Kurama, who is also heavy.

This is the side of the box showing off the figure. The colors all look vibrant and eye catching.

The back of the box shows more sides of the figure and some text, presumably to sell you on buying him.

Out of the box, Kuwabara can immediately go on his stand. He’s pretty wobbly on it, which I was afraid of, but he looks good otherwise.

Nothing about his sculpt seems off or lazy — even the folds and wrinkles on his clothing look as they should! I found that pretty impressive.

The kanji on his back are painted well, no smudges or errors I could see around them.

The figure looks great in all kinds of lighting!

His sword, which you can clearly see in the second image above, is impressively detailed and translucent enough to let light through, highlighting the ‘effect’.

The only downside of the sword is that it kind of likes to fall out of his hand. I’ve had him on display for a week now, though, and it hasn’t moved, so it only tends to fall out if you’re handling him.

Also, the sword is sharp to the touch.

Here are some more images highlighting the entire figure.

Finally, a front shot. This is a very nice figure for the price and captures the spirit of the character well! I would recommend him to anyone who enjoys the series.

OVERALL SCORE: 9/10 – I love this figure! The sculpt is excellent, the paint is perfect. The only reason he is not a 10 is due to the one peg in the stand, as it’s too delicate to be reliable.

Kuwabara ARTFX J is available on Amazon! If you purchase him through this link I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks!

At the time of this writing, he does not have a bootleg available. He is the only one of the line not to receive one, but this may change at any moment. Always make sure a Studio Pierrot or Funimation sticker is present on the box!