Anime Figure Review: Spike Spiegel ARTFX J

Anime Figure Review: Spike Spiegel ARTFX J

I’m starting a new post series all about reviewing anime figures and other related things. I don’t buy a ton of figures, but you can see pretty much everything I own on my MyFigureCollection page.

For my first review, I’ll be talking about the Spike Spiegel ARTFX J by Kotobukiya. This was a long awaited figure for me, as Cowboy Bebop was always one of my favorite series, but I never owned any merchandise for it save for a tiny Faye Valentine gashapon figure.

As you can see, the box is fairly detailed with wanted posters on one side and a close up of the figure on the other. The front of the box I received had no holographic sticker on it, but I purchased it from Tokyo Otaku Mode, so I wasn’t worried about a bootleg. (The bottom of the box has a Funimation sticker, which serves the same purpose as a holographic studio sticker. This means it’s official, but imported for North American sales.)

The figure itself is wrapped very nicely with plastic to protect it from any damage during transport. This honestly is some of the nicest protection I’ve seen on a figure, that I can recall. The rose is held in place by a thin layer of clear tape, so it doesn’t go anywhere until you want it to.

The base for Spike is very interesting. I own a few ARTFX J figures (all of the Yu Yu Hakusho ones except for Kuwabara) and their bases aren’t the nicest. Sure, they look cool and they link together, but the pegs are weak, and each character only gets one peg for one foot, leading to a high chance of breakage. My Youko Kurama’s peg snapped, and I need to get around to repairing it sometime. I might make a post about that later.

As shown here, Spike’s base is solid, and impressively sculpted. The pegs are metal, presumably magnetic, and the wall of the base has an indent for Spike to lean into.

Spike’s back looks a little strange on it’s own, thanks to this rectangular growth, but it’s for the wall.

When all’s said and done, Spike fits snugly onto the wall and base!


The rose, oddly enough, has no peg or hole to fit into; instead, it simply rests anywhere you choose. I think it’s nicely sculpted, though! I just have to be careful not to lose it.

Spike himself appears very well sculpted, with an appropriate mildly pleased expression and a cool, relaxed pose. The wrinkles in his clothing are nice, especially on his jacket, and his hair looks like hair, not like a blob of clay.

I really like this figure! I’m glad Kotobukiya took their time with it, especially the base. I actually love how secure he is to the base, so I don’t have to worry about anything breaking.

The Spike Spiegel ARTFX J also came in a DX/Deluxe version with an extra head, cigarette, and the ability to remove his jacket. After some internal debate, I decided to just get the standard one. I am sure the DX version is very nice too, though!

Spike is available via Amazon for about the price I paid for him. If you have Prime, you’ll get 2 day shipping for free as long as the Prime symbol is next to the price! Very cool.