About Me

Hello! My name is Julie, and you’ve somehow found your way to my site, That Writing Thing. Here you’ll discover my reviews for various anime episodes, figures (usually anime themed), video games, and other miscellaneous goodies. I will also occasionally post writing not related to reviews, instead about writing in general and/or my life. I don’t plan on getting into too much detail about the latter, though. 😉

That Writing Thing is a name that came to me after searching for hours for a domain name that wasn’t taken and also covered the basis of what I wanted to convey.

If you run a Subscription Box service (ie: Lootcrate, Skoshbox) and would like me to review one of your boxes, please feel free to drop me a line at neonlicht [AT] gmail.com! I love trying out new stuff, and I love writing about it too!

DISCLAIMER: I own all of my reviews and posts, but not the images contained within, unless otherwise stated. Any screenshots from shows, video games, or movies belong to their respective copyright holders, not me. If I am using an image of yours anywhere on this site and you would like me to remove it, please contact me and I will do so ASAP.